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Today: Cracovia vs Legia Warszawa live watch 20.12.2023 Soccer

Legia Warszawa vs Cracovia Kraków prediction, live score and live stream info. Check Legia Warszawa vs Cracovia Kraków odds. Match date: 17 Dec 2023.

But we do like our culture too and so where better to kick off our day in Warsaw than with a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science. It is after all the tallest building in Poland and from its viewing terrace on the 30th floor we reckoned on being able to see at least two of the cities football stadiums. What we hadn't factored in was a giant display of adidas Tango balls placed in front of the entrance of the building. Our eyes lit up, "That's the best sight I've seen since I saw the current Mrs Fuller waltzing down the aisle" beamed Stuart. At the top you can actual make out Legia Warsaw's ground (just) and the new national stadium which you get a stunning view of. We learnt that the palace was a gift from Russia; it was hated at first but now begrudgingly accepted, and that the Rolling Stones were the first major rock band from abroad to give the Poles some satisfaction by playing here in 1967. Na zdrowie! The game - which was, fact fans, the 1000th to be played at this stadium in all of its various guises, finished 0-0. But the fans, them again, didn't seem to react to anything that occurred on the pitch. When a player was clean through on goal they didn't raise or lower their voice. It was just unwavering support throughout. If they'd have won 4-0 or lost 0-4 I'm guessing it wouldn't have made any difference. Could you imagine Old Trafford rocking to its very foundations during a bore draw at home to Wigan? No, of course not. At one point a few Legia fans tried to break through into the away sector. Previous results: Correct scoreThe correct final score is the hardest to predict. We use different methods to calculate the most likely outcome(s). We strongly encourage you to use this prediction for informational purposes only. ScoreAxis correct score prediction for this match:1:1 16. 67%Our predictions should not be used for betting or gambling on sports and scoreaxis. com accepts no responsibility or liability for any (direct or indirect) financial or other loss that may result from using our statistical data, predictions or any other content present on this website. There are flags and banners everywhere you look on the Żyleta. Many of them date back over 30 years; those flags are incredibly important to the fans. Every club has them and it's important to keep an eye on them because every other clubs supporters/hooligans would like to steal them. In fact, at our game the next day, ŁKS Łódź v Śląsk Wrocław, fans took down their flags in order to protect them before trying to rip down the fences to attack each other. The flags are seen as trophies from winning any battle; the older the flag, the more important. If you're able to steal a treasured flag of another club, you then hang it on the fence during the match against that team - upside down, naturally - and then burn it. The same thing occurs with scarves, t-shirts and everything, but the flags are most valuable. This is unlikely to occur during Euro 2012. Anthemic brilliance from the Żyleta All white on the night Stuart and I weren't dressed in white - doesn't disguise the beer belly - and we hadn't stolen any Lech Poznań flags during our whirlwind tour of their stadium on the morning of this match so we took up the clubs kind offer of a spot in the press box for two minutes before moving to be nearer those fans. I should add that the reason we were in Poland in the first place is that we've been employed to write a guide to Euro 2012. So like a couple of estate agents from Homes Under the Hammer, and in between all this nonsense, we were actually doing some work; clutching a couple of clipboards and putting ticks and crosses next to stadiums, transport systems, hotels, local cuisine and every single different Polish beer we could lay our hands on. Cracovia Kraków's average team rating is 6. 9 per match. Cracovia Kraków somehow lacks the ability to keep the ball, having an average possession of 46. 78% in this seasonLegia Warszawa enters this match having won 3 matches of their last five (Zagłębie Lubin, AZ, Cracovia Kraków) lost 1 (with Korona Kielce) while 1 fixtures ended in draws against ŁKS Łódź. 'The Black Shirts' is the nickname of their hated rivals in the city, Polonia. "We hate those bastards" said the chap to my right. There's a shock. It is impossible not to tap your foot along to the rhythm of the beat as anthemic brilliance pours from the lungs of every single fan. They sung louder than the bombs that had flattened most of Warsaw during World War II and wiped out over half of their inhabitants in the process. Loud, beautiful and proud: Warsaw is definitely back. Cracovia v Legia results, H2H stats | Football The unrest occurred ahead of kickoff at Villa Park Villa file complaint against Legia Warsaw after clashes at Conference League game EPL 2023/24 LIVE. The PZN (Polish FA) were having none of it and awarded the title to the third placed team, Lech Poznań. Grudge matches and hooliganism have reared their head ever since. Inside the Polish Army Stadion or if you will the Pepsi Arena, for the record I prefer the former, there was of course a pulsating atmosphere complete with some textbook choreographed singing. It's like this every week here. I can't think of a single ground in Britain where there's relentless noise for 90 minutes during every game. Away to our left in the Żyleta - the stand where the ultras gather which translates to, and you'll like this, 'razor blade' - all dressed in white were the Legia hardcore. They know the score: don't wear black. KS Cracovia vs Legia Warsaw H2H - Livescore KS Cracovia vs Legia Warsaw H2H. « Back | Yesterday | Today | Live | My Games | Finished | Not Started | Tomorrow | Predictions. Next match. KS Cracovia. Legia Warszawa Overview Aston VillaLegia Warszawa. 1. Watkins-Aston-Villa. Aston Villa vs Legia: Stream, TV channels & where to watch. How to watch the UEFA Europa Conference League ... Cracovia vs Legia Warszawa Prediction, Lineups & Odds 2 days ago — To use the Bookmaker Live Streaming services you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 ...


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